Outstanding features of solvent-free epoxy coating system KERASEAL ADO121 - demo

Epoxy paint in general is known for many different features such as: antibacterial, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance are suitable with the requirements of each production environment following to modern standards.

However, KERASEAL ADO 121 is a coating with outstanding feature compared to normal coating and is gradually recognized and high appreciated by the market.

KERASEAL ADO 121 Paint, also known as solvent-free coating, is odorless, non-toxic coating system, so it is evaluated as environmentally friendly and very safe for human health. Furthermore, the bond in the molecules is very tight; making KERASEAL ADO 121 has high durability, better adhesion and abrasion resistance than the normal solvent-based coating system.

Outstanding features of epoxy coating system KERASEAL ADO121

  • Odorless during application;
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for human health
  • High strength, adhesion and abrasion resistance
  • Antibacterial, good chemical resistance
  • Smooth and hard surface
  • High aesthetics, anti-dust, easy to clean
  • A variety of colors to choose.

If customers are looking for a high quality and durable concrete floor protection coating, then epoxy coating SOVENT FREE KERASEALADO 121 is the best choice.