Paint for metal roof – APT’s heat resistant paint for metal roof with good price

Heat resistant paint, heat insulating paint for metal roof KERA COOL COAT

KERA Cool Coat is heat resistant paint for metal roof product researched and developed by APT. With 100% water-based acrylic elastomeric coating with Ceramic technology, paint has excellent heat insulation and waterproof ability. The product is designed to reflect solar and reduce temperature of roof surface, help to reduce inside temperature. So what is the difference of KERA Cool Coat after construction? Is it difficult to apply KERA Cool Coat? What are construction conditions?



The differences before and after using KERA COOL COAT

  Metal roof does not use heat resistant paint Metal roof uses heat resistant KERA Cool Coat
Temperature High temperature from 50 – 60°C. Cooling the metal roof, reduce roof temperature to 25°C.
Life Roofs are affected by direct sunlight. Reducing the life of metal roof surface. Roof after applying can resistant to UV and negative effects of sunlight. Life increases from 5 – 7 years.
Moisture and mildew resistant ability No moisture and mildew resistant ability. Good waterproofing. Resistant to dust and mold on roof surface. Adapt to highly mold environment.
Noise when rainy No reduce noise when rainy. Can reduce noise when rainy.
Anti-rust No anti-rust ability. Increase anti-rust ability for roof.

In addition, heat resistant paint for metal roof KER Cool Coat has a variety of choices with 4 types with fresh colors, high aesthetics. Paint is non-explosive, non-toxic, non-lead and mercury and other harmful chemicals, it is safe for people.

Uses of heat resistant paint for metal roof KERA Cool Coat

Product is used in civil construction such as car park, terraces at house, hotel, hospital, school…

In industrial construction, paint can be applied well on large area in factories.

KERA Cool Coat can be used in areas such as vertical walls, water and oil storage tanks, industrial breeding facilities, cold storages, oil pipelines, insulation pipes…


Is it difficult to apply KERA Cool Coat?

KERA Cool Coat is easy to apply, so you can apply by yourself. But during application, you need to pay attention to the basic requirements from manufacturer.

Conditions for applying heat resistant paint KERA Cool Coat

For metal surface

For surface is metal, should use anti-rust primer before apply KERA Cool Coat.

For concrete surface (Vertical wall)

For new concrete and masonry, the construction must be maintained at least 10 days to neutralize alkaline and release moisture residue. All type of surfaces must be cleaned, dry and free of dirt such as dust, oil, impurities, or weak adhesion on the surface.


  • Do not apply when rain is expected and temperature is lower than 15°C within 48 hours.
  • Do not apply if air humidity > 80% or has ability to reach 80% within 24 hours after application.
  • Applying material in well-ventilated area.
  • The weather is not rainy and does not have strong wind. 


  • Substrate moisture content < 15%.

  • Temperature of construction area > 15°C.

  • Substrate temperature at least 3°C above dew point.


 Notes during construction process of KERA Cool Coat

  • Use short-hair roller or airless spray to achieve the best coverage. For application by airless spray, a single line piston pump with a 20:1 ratio may be used, using a 0.015 inch tungsten nozzle tip.

  • Can add up 5% clean water to material to facilitate for construction process.

  • Spray 2 times in perpendicular direction to create homogeneous surface and paint membrane has no pinholes.
  • Consumption rate is 0.3kg/ 2 coatings.

  • Use APT’s anti-rust paint before apply metal roof.

  • After apply anti-rust layer, allow drying within 8 hours.

  • KERA Cool Coat is applied with 2 coats include basecoat and topcoat. Topcoat time is after 4 hours.

Where should buy insulation paint for metal roof KERA Cool Coat with good price?

APT is direct manufacturer of KERA Cool Coat. Paint is used for many projects in industrial zones. When purchase product in APT, you will get:

  • Purchase heat resistant paint for metal roof with good price.
  • 100% genuine from the manufacturer.
  • Support in finding reputable and quality construction units with reasonable price.
  • Technical support with projects in industrial zones.

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