The differences in use of the 5 steel and iron corrosion resistant paint of APT

Nowadays, on the market, APT has 5 steel and iron corrosion resistant paint products that appreciated by many investors. But not everyone can understand all about these products. What are differences in their uses? Let’s find out with APT in the below article!

KERAGUARD ADG70 – Steel and iron corrosion resistant paint for wastewater treatment tanks

Today, wastewater from industrial zones is the main cause of environmental pollution. So, the design and installation wastewater treatment tank system is necessary. But during use, tank is corroded easily because of bacterial and harmful substances in the water.


Understanding this, APT researched and produced KERAGUARD ADG70. This is a chemical resistant, low solvent content epoxy Tar coating system. The paint can resist seawater, watered acids and alkalis, neutrals salt, inorganic oil, cleanser… They are used as a protective shield for steel surface in the tank, meeting condition of frequently wet surface. Paint is used in many areas that have wastewater treatment system, chemical industry…

KERAGUARD ADG220 – Steel and iron corrosion resistant paint for domestic water tanks

KERAGUARD ADG220 is 2 component chemical resistant epoxy coating system. With strong point of high antibacterial, paint is often used for domestic water tanks.

KERAGUARD ADG20 – Steel and iron corrosion resistant paint for metal roofs

The metal roof area is a place subjects to great impact of weather. Therefore, they are often rusted after long period of use. The rust of metal roofs can cause the reddish-brown scab, then, spread to the sheet. Not only that, rust phenomenon is more serious at screw, cut edges or scratches, causing loss of aesthetics and reducing the roof life.

Understanding this, APT researched and developed KERAGUARD ADG20. This is a 2-component Polyurethane coating system. Paint has advantages such as UV resistance, chemical resistance and inhibits the growth of bacterial.


KERAGUARD VR300 – Steel and iron corrosion resistant paint for high concentration chemical storage tanks

KERAGUARD VR300 is an epoxy vinyl ester coating system, resistant to carrion of acids and alkalis. KERAGUARD VR300 is created by vinyl ester reinforced with glass cotton fabric. Good chemical resistance for high concentration chemical storage tanks.

KERAGUARD VL100 – Steel and iron corrosion resistant paint for low concentration chemical storage tanks and concrete floor

Although VR300 has very good chemical resistant ability, but for areas with concentration chemical storage tank is not high, KERAGUARD VL100 can be used.


KERAGUARD VL100 is 2-component, 100% solid, good chemical resistant novolac epoxy coating system. KERAGUARD VL100 has good flow ability and high efficiency for both steel and concrete.

Paint is used a lot for concrete floor due to their good wear, diversified colors, high aesthetics. Completely overcome the weakness of KERAGUARD VR300 when applying on a horizontal surface.

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