Water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB10 - Solution for floors with humidity <18%

KERASEAL WB10 is known as water-based epoxy coating product used by many contractors, especially foreign projects. But not everyone understands about this product. What areas should use this product for concrete floors? What is the difference of KERASEAL WB10 compared to solvent- based paint products? And where is the reputable address to buy this product? Let's find out with APT in the article below!

Cases where it is recommended to use water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB10

Lack of moisture-resistant nylon

In addition to the humidifying factors such as the unsecured process of concrete protection, wet construction sites, water in the concrete and steam rising from below the concrete floor are the source of increased humidity of the floor. So if the constructor does not use the moisture-resistant nylon for the floor, then when the epoxy floor is rolled, there will be water bubbles rising. Over time, the floor is easy to peeling, pitting, and lack of aesthetics.

KERASEAL WB10 overcomes 90% of this weakness of the floor. The paint can be used on concrete floors with moisture <18%, allowing concrete to breathe. Finished surface is matte and hard.

The air has high humidity

Weather is also a factor that significantly affects the floor surface, especially the Northern area with the air humidity of 18-25°C. In this case, the floor should use water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB10 to ensure the best quality for the floor surface. Paint helps the factory avoid affected factors such as climate, weather during construction.

The environment is poorly airy

With low VOC content, KERASEAL WB10 is less odor, easy to apply in poorly airy environment such as basement, warehouse.


The uses of KERASEAL WB10

  • Food and beverage production area.
  • Exhibition room.
  • Aircraft production and maintenance area.
  • Other pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory areas.
  • Roof floor.
  • Warehouse, garage, basement.
  • Stairs, paths.
  • Old and new concrete.

Address to buy reputable water-based paint KERASEAL WB10

KERASEAL WB10 is a water-based paint product researched & developed by APT. We are the exclusive manufacturer and distributor on the market. So when buying directly at APT, we commit to giving customers:

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  • Technical support during construction.

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