What are the factors impacting and deciding on the paint construction progress?

With many years of experience of construct paint for many large and small projects, APT realizes that in all cases, construction progress is affected by many following factors:

-        Actual construction conditions:

With the same area, the paint construction on empty floor without problems, the time of construction will be much shorter than the construct on a floor with columns, tripod, production line system…

-        Quality and flatness of floor:

A floor which achieves good quality and flatness, the time to construct the floor will be much faster than a floor with many defects and poor quality because it takes more time to deal with these problems.

-        Construction area and type paint used:

Construction area affects to time of construction, more area, construction time will be long and less area, construction time will be short.

Besides, for each floor coating products such as coating paint, self-leveling paint… there will be 1 different construction process and steps.

-        Profession of construction contractor:

A professional construction unit will help customer to make professional paint floor plan and is suitable with quality requirements of floor. On the other hand, if the company does not have much experiences with full investment in modern machinery and equipment, which will make construction process much longer.

How to ensure the on time paint construction with the best quality?

Paint construction progress is always affected by many different factors, but choosing a reputable and professional construction contractor is really important to help you avoid that problem and many other problems that may arise during construction. In order to evaluate the ability of epoxy floor coating units, customers can refer following factors:

-        In some projects, information which they give on website, projects that constructed by the construction unit, there are actual photo during construction process. Besides, some consultants will help customer to understand about skills that the unit performs.

-        Directly will be in the survey stage. The survey process will have many problems that need to be raised and the direction to be solved by the construction unit. The process of communicating in detail in customer projects will help them to confirm the contractor's ability to perform more. Besides, customer should also pay attention to their competency profiles to assess whether project can be met or not.

-        Price is the factor of concern and choice of investors. However, the low price is not necessarily good, instead of considering the cost, customer should evaluate how the construction unit will construct with floor. From there, it is a measure of price agreement between the two parties in order to bring the optimal and the best profit.