What is the difference in the application process of coating and self-leveling epoxy paint?

On the market today, epoxy concrete floor paint is divided into 2 main types are coating and self-leveling epoxy paint. But not everyone can understand the differences in features and abilities of these 2 paints. Let find out with APT in this article!

1.Aesthetics and antibacterial

Although both 2 paint lines have variety of colors but with very good self-leveling ability, self-leveling paint creates smooth surface more than coating epoxy paints. Self-leveling surface has good antibacterial, is often used for clean room areas, laboratories…

2. Good wear and abrasion resistance

If coating epoxy paint has impact resistance about 60kg.cm, self-leveling epoxy paint has impact resistance up to 68kg.cm. Wear resistance helps self-leveling paint has advantage when using for areas where use machinery, equipment and trolleys are often used.


3. Equipment and application techniques

To apply coating paint, the constructor needs to use short hair roller or airless spray. Basic application process includes 5 steps:

Step 1: Surface treatment.

Step 2: Sanding.

Step 3: Applying the primer.

Step 4: Applying the basecoat.

Step 5: Applying the topcoat.

With self-leveling paint, the application steps are similar but require higher technique. The constructor needs to use serrated trowel to spread paint on the floor surface. Then, he uses spiked roller to break air bubbles when applying the basecoat and topcoat.

4. Maintenance time

Coating paint usually has a using time from 2 – 3 years. But with good abrasion ability, self-leveling paint has using time from 5 – 7 years. This thing helps factory to save the repair costs.

5. Price and applicability

Although self-leveling paint has outstanding advantages in wear and abrasion resistance, antibacterial, is often used in special areas. But not because of that, the coating paint losses their strength.

With the advantages of better cost, less consumption, coating epoxy paint is still often chosen for areas that do not require high wear resistance, antibacterial such as mechanical factory floor, clothing factory, shopping mall floor, basement, staircase, warehouse…

Best selling products of coating paint and self-leveling paint at APT Vietnam

KERASEAL ADO40: Is self-leveling, solvent-free and phenol epoxy coating system. Finished surface is flat, smooth and general chemical resistance.

KERASEAL ADO20: Is solvent-based with 2-component epoxy coating system, finished surface has no circuit and general chemical resistance.

Especially, APT Vietnam has researched and developed KERASEAL ADO121. This is an epoxy coating product but is solvent-free and creates beautiful surface almost like self-leveling epoxy paint. They can be used to repair concrete surfaces that have used self-leveling paint, helping factory to save costs.

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