What is the most durable solvent-free epoxy coating system?

Nowadays, the durability of surface paint depends on two main factors: the quality of the paint and the intensity of the use. For use under normal conditions, the surface is not subject to great mechanical impact and is regularly cleaned; the paint durability can be up to 7-10 years.

Moreover, the selection of construction contractors is also one of the very important factors; the construction contractor needs experience and ability to implement the project. The cost will decide the project's material consumption rate, with the right and sufficient norms to create quality products. Therefore, investors (customers) need to wisely choose the paint suitable for the purpose and needs of use, choose a qualified construction contractor with a team of experienced workers, apply enough norms to get a good product.


KERASEAL ADO 121 is considered as one of the reputable names for investors and contractors choosing for many projects today. Because its name is the quality created by the solvent-free technology and materials, it makes the surface shiny, hard, high strength and abrasion resistance. In addition, KERASEAL ADO121 has little odor and is easy to apply, so minimizing the impact on the environment and health of workers as well as future users.

Because of these outstanding advantages, KERASEAL ADO 121 always prides itself on quality as well as durability when applied on the surface of the factory floor, worthy of an irreplaceable friend for customers.

APT is honored to be the leading manufacturer and distributor of epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO121 in Vietnam.