What is the paint line that brings high economic efficiency for factory owners?

Nowadays, most factories are used as the place to operate machine equipment. Therefore, the strong and stability of the floor surface is necessary for the area that is often directly affected by production activities. Factory owners are always looking for quality, reasonable price epoxy paints to protect their floor surfaces.

So what is the paint line that brings high economic efficiency for factory owners?

Epoxy paint is an increasingly popular coating on industrial floors today for its aesthetic properties, antibacterial; chemical resistance; good wear and abrasion resistance. Epoxy paints have many different types, depending on the mechanical properties that this paint is mixed to create a paint product suitable for a suitable floor surface. And KERASEAL ADO20 is an epoxy coating system that can both protect the floor firmly, while saving costs, bringing high economic efficiency


KERASEAL ADO20 is a two-component solvent-based epoxy floor coating system, hard surface finish. KERASEAL ADO20 paint inherits all the features of epoxy paint to protect the concrete floor firmly. The reduction of damage to the floor has helped businesses save a lot of maintenance and repair costs for the factory floor. This paint line is also antibacterial, anti-dust, helping businesses spend less money on cleaning and protecting human health.

Moreover, KERASEAL ADO20 paint system with one coating consumes only 0.1kg / m2 and 2 coats of up to 0.2kg / m2 help maximize the amount of paint consumed during the construction process, save costs and bring economic efficiency to investors.

Nowadays, KERASEAL ADO20 paint system has been being used in many factories: packaging, garment, food and beverage, hospitals and sterile zones, pharmaceutical industry, central areas.