Where should customer buy chemical resistant epoxy paint with good price?

Chemical resistant paint is one the paint that used a lot for steel, iron and concrete surface. But not all paints can be used for areas such as floor, chemical storage tank. Understanding this, APT has researched and developed specialized corrosion resistant epoxy paint. There 2 corrosion resistant paints which are highly appreciated about their advantages, they are KERAGUARD VL100 and KERAGUARD VR300. So what are the advantages of 2 paint lines? Let find out with APT in this article below!

Advantages of APT’s chemical resistant paint

As a product with epoxy resin composition, APT’s chemical resistant epoxy paint has general advantages are:

  • High antibacterial, easy to clean.
  • The finished paint membrane has very good chemical resistant ability, is resistant to chemicals with different concentration and temperature.
  • Lifespan from 5-7 years, less maintenance and repair.

Why is chemical resistant paint KERAGUARD VL100 used so much for floor areas?

  • Good wear and abrasion resistance: The floor is place where many people and trolleys traffic. So not only corrosion resistance, factories need to focus on abrasion resistance of paint. KERAGUARD VL100 is epoxy novolac coating system with 100% solid, abrasion resistance up to 0.53 mg/cm2, impact resistance up to 72kg.cm. Paint has better wear resistance than vinyl corrosion resistant paints. Paint creates stable surface with good adhesion. Paint protects the floor from negative effects of machinery and heavy trucks.
  • High aesthetics: One of the other advantages that make KERAGUARD VL100 scored when used for floor is diversity of colors. They overcome the colorless weakness of FRP vinyl corrosion resistant paint. KERAGUARD VL100 helps factories to make professional and clean space.
  • Resistant to chemicals and acids falling: As mentioned above, factory is a place has many moving people and vehicles. During this process, chemical is easy to fall down on the floor surface. If the concretes cannot protected by paint membrane, they are very easy to chemical corrosion. However, the falling chemical has low concentration, no needs to use high concentration corrosion resistant paint. This is wasteful and not suitable for the usage environment.

Why is chemical resistant paint KERAGUARD VR300 used so much for chemical storage tanks?

  • Chemical resistant ability: Although with low concentration chemical storage tanks can use KERAGUARD VL100 but with high concentration chemical storage tanks, KERAGUARD VR300 should be used. This is vinyl FRP corrosion resistant coating system, ensures safety.
  • Good adhesion ability: Paint has good adhesion ability on steel and iron surface. Construction process requires fast drying because the paint dries quickly. Environmental conditions in chemical storage tanks are less airy than the floor surface.

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