Which corrosion epoxy paint is good for chemical factory floors?

KERAGUARD VL100 is one of the best corrosion resistant paint products available today that meets the ability to resist corrosion due to external influences, good aesthetics as well as wear resistance.

Chemical factory floor is very easy to corrosion due to the impact of falling chemicals. Therefore, the floor surface should be protected by a corrosion resistant coating.

Let find out with APT about KERAGUARD VL100 in the article below!

What is corrosion resistant epoxy paint KERAGUARD VL100?

KERAGUARD VL100 is epoxy novolac coating, 2-component, 100% solid content, highly chemical resistant epoxy coating for horizontal applications. Has good flow ability and is highly effective for both steel and concrete applications.


Features of corrosion resistant coating KERAGUARD VL100

  • Good corrosion resistance: The first advantage to mention is that KERAGUARD VL100 is resistant to many different chemicals. Paint is used for both chemical storage tanks and factory concrete floors.
  • Good wear and abrasion resistance: In fact, chemical resistant epoxy paints are often very brittle and fragile. Paint is difficult to use for concrete floors - places often subject to strong impact from trolleys, materials, machines. But with abrasion up to 0.53 mg / cm2, impact resistance of 72kg.cm, KERAGUARD VL100 has completely overcome that weaknesses and become the first choice of floor paint projects in chemical factories.
  • Less odors, easy to apply: For construction, corrosion resistant epoxy paint requires the constructor to withstand the harsh conditions due to heavy paint odor. Meanwhile, places such as the storage tanks are too low, the fresh air is difficult to enter, and make the constructor is difficult to breath. With the advantage of being less odor than other chemical resistant paints, KERAGUARD VL100 completely overcomes this disadvantage and gives the constructor the most ideal construction conditions.
  • Variety of colors: The bright and shiny colors of the KERAGUARD VL100 will give the factory a cleaner and more professional space.
  • Easy to clean: The smooth glossy coating after construction protects the concrete floor from abrasion of grease, dirt. Minimize the growth of bacteria and unwanted incidents from chemicals falling on the floor, ensuring absolute safety for workers in the factory.
  • Cost savings: If the chemical resistant brick products often have brick circuits, easy to come off during use and must be maintained continuously, KERAGUARD VL100 has high adhesion and impact resistance. The construction process is easy, saving the cost of machines and equipment.

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