Why do food manufacturers choose epoxy floor paint?

Food processing is a developed industry with many types of factories such as meat and poultry factory, bottled water lines, breweries… In Vietnam, food manufacturers are diversified in industrial zones. This requires business enterprises research a manufacturing system which maintains safe and hygiene working environment. Especially the floor area – a place where many people and vehicles move, easy to cause floor contaminate because of grease. Epoxy floor paint is considered the most optimal solution chosen by many factories because:

Epoxy floor paint meets hygiene standard of products

Different from electronic items, which can last many years, food is perishable item. If food companies do not ensure hygiene of manufacturing and store areas, the shelf life becomes shorter. This happens because due to the effect of bacteria and mildew that develops during the movement of people and machine.

The seamless nature of epoxy floor prevents the development of microbe such as mildew and bacteria. Epoxy floor prevents food contamination and ensure safe for consumers.

In addition, epoxy floor paint meets the standard of HACCP – Food safety management system, which is unified worldwide, applied in all food and beverage manufacturing industries.


Epoxy floor paint resistant to the impact of some chemicals (chemical cleanser)

During production process, food manufacturer uses some chemicals to clean and sterilize their production area, help environment safer, no pathogen. With chemical resistance, epoxy floor paint can resistant to the corrosion of these chemicals. The coating on the floor creates a barrier to against the damage of chemicals.

Epoxy floor paint is easy to clean, absolute antibacterial

Food manufacturer floors are susceptible to dirt due to oil, grease, milk, sugar, etc. These materials can lead to microbe growth and spread of bacteria in the concrete. So keeping all areas of food manufacturing industry are clean, includes floor which is a requirement for business.

This can be fixed when factories use epoxy floor paint. With antibacterial ability, epoxy floor creates smooth surface and easy to clean. Factories can completely use neutral cleaner on the surface.

Increase wear resistant ability for floor when contact with forklift

Besides fixed machines, food manufacturers are affected by forklift, trolley. Specially, in areas of packing, importing and exporting goods. This makes concrete surface is easy to abrasion.

With epoxy resin component, paint has high bending strength, good wear resistance, helping surface to minimize the impact when has strong contact.


Limit the thermal shock of the floor surface

Thermal shock appears when food manufacturers are cleaned with hot water or vapor to remove blood, grease and other chemical contaminators. Quick change of temperature will make floor surface is expansion and shrink. If flooring material cannot resistant to thermal shock, the floor coating structure will begin to crack, delamination and peeling.

APT’s epoxy paint products are suitable with food manufacturer:

  •        Self-leveling epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO40

       Uses: Cleanroom, production area…

  •           Solvent-free epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO121

       Uses: Packaging area.

  •       Water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20

       Uses: Wall area.

  •          Polyurethane paint KERAGUARD ADG40

       Uses: Areas resistant to thermal shock up to 80°C.

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