Why should use epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO121 for stairs?

Besides being used for warehouse floor, basement… KERASEAL ADO121 is also used a lot for stair areas. With solvent-free component, KERASEAL ADO121 makes the difference from normal paints. So what are the advantages of KERASEAL ADO121 when applied on stair? Let’s find out with APT in the article below!

Advantages of KERASEAL ADO121 for stair area

· Covering cracks, rough positions on stair, create smooth and high aesthetics surface and increasing the brightness for using space. 

· Quick construction, saving time and and cost for using area.

· Abrasion resistance on concrete surface. 

· Improving the safety of the ladders, avoid the risk of fall. 

· Surface without joints, easier to clean than brick, wood…

· The diversity of colors will help you refresh working space.


Construction process of KERASEAL ADO121 for stair area

Step 1: Preparation

Use industrial grinder to remove weak adhesion layer and uneven areas on floor surface. Then vacuum cleaner is used to completely clean the dirt.

Step 2: Treating the surface cracks

Use KERACRETE NS50 to fill cracks on the surface. Then, sand it to make surface smooth and easier to apply.

Step 3: Applying KERASEAL PS60 or KERASEAL PS50

Primer is an important step that helps to increase the hardness and adhesion ability between concrete and top coat. Notes: Stair contains many grooves between ladders. Therefore, besides short hair roller, the constructor needs to have small brush to ensure the best coverage for every position on the stair.

Step 4: Applying the basecoat

Before applying the basecoat, it can be sprinkled more quartz to resistant to slipping. Quartz should be spread evenly, requires highly technical constructor. Depend on coating thickness as well as concrete conditions, construction unit will consult amount of sand to use.

Then, use short hair roller to paint the surface of the stair. Layering continuously to make the stairs have a uniform color and achieve high aesthetics.

Step 5: Applying the topcoat

After at least 8 hours when finish the basecoat, the topcoat can be applied. After 24 hours can use.


Adress to buy epoxy paint for stair KERASEAL ADO121

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