Why should use epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20 for stairs area?

KERASEAL WB20 is often known as the solution to protect factory concrete floors. But in fact, they are also used for special areas such as hallways, stairs. This is an area that occupies a small space but is the place that shows the aesthetics of the entire interior space and subject great abrasion from the process of moving. So what advantages does KERASEAL WB20 have? What should be noted during construction? Where is the most reputable address to buy KERASEAL WB20 paint? Let's find out with APT!

Advantages of KERASEAL WB20 with hallways and stairs

  • Smooth surface, high antibacterial, easy to clean: This is the first advantage that helps KERASEAL WB20 score points when it is selected for construction in the stairs area. The surface can help floor avoid to grease and dirt, and easy to clean with a wet towel without affecting the paint color. Especially suitable for stairs, hallways in hospitals, laboratories.
  • Resistant to humidity of concrete floors
  • Good abrasion resistance and adhesion: Abrasion up to 0.45 mg / cm2. High adhesion 4.84 Mpa. Long time of using, saving repair costs.
  • Variety of colors, beautiful and delicate.

Notes in the construction process of KERASEAL WB20

  • KERASEAL WB20 is water-based paint, so it is difficult to create heat when mixing paint than solvent-based paint. This requires the constructor to mix component A and component B more carefully.
  • Clean dirt and grease before applying with a vacuum cleaner to avoid blistering after construction.
  • Should add more 2% solvent when applying the basecoat.
  • Limit to add water to the topcoat.
  • The next time between sets needs to be done quickly so that color difference does not appeared.

Where should customers buy KERASEAL WB20?

APT Vietnam is an epoxy floor coating manufacturer with 10 years of experience. We commit to giving you:

  •  The best price from the manufacturer
  • Genuine products, packed in accordance with the quantity indicated on the product packaging
  • Checking and consulting to help investors and factories choose the most suitable products for the project.
  • Technical support during construction.

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