3D epoxy ကြမ်းခင်းသုတ်ဆေ

3D epoxy floor paint – breakthrough technology for floor paint product. With ability of providing a variety of colors to materials, Epoxy 3D floor promises to be a popular and favored product in the near future.

What is 3D epoxy floor?

3D epoxy floor is decorative floor. Imagine floor paint as a painting or a large-scale work of art. Coatings look not only painted surfaces, but you also feel the beauty, creativity and uniqueness of walking on this 3D epoxy floor.


In recent years, 3D epoxy floor paint is used a lot because this 3D floor is environmentally friendly. The floor-like structure is decorated with stone, with no chemical odor.

On the other hand, because of its properties of durability and long service life so color, smooth surface will not disappear or fade over time. If there are shoe spikes, collisions caused by heavy furniture or dirt will not "affect" the 3D floor surface.

Application range

3D epoxy floors are used in many fields, from office buildings, commercial centers, hotels; corridors, stairs to laboratory, hospital, medical center, preschool.

In fact, 3D epoxy floor paint is suitable for all areas of size. The ability to apply the floor surface to a work of art, and the unique appearance for each type of surface, help this product solve many painting problems in any facility.

Features of 3D epoxy floor paint

3D epoxy floor paint is a special 3D self-leveling paint. You might be surprised to find "Is it floor here?" or "Is it 3D painting here?” Experts will design for you a 3D picture before you apply 3D epoxy paint. That is the reason why this paint can fit whatever your requirements.