APT anti-static paint ၏ထူးခြားသောအားသာချက် ၄ ချက်

As one of the leading enterprises in the research and development industrial floor paint, APT has been presented in many big and small projects in industrial zone all over the country. In particular, anti-static paint is known to be strong product, chosen by many investors, factories. What has helped this product to get market confidence? Let search 4 outstanding advantages of APT anti-static paint in the article below!

Good anti-static ability

Currently, APT anti-static paint has been used in thousands of projects. The result shows that 99% of the implemented projects achieve resistance range during the acceptance process. Paint has good anti-static ability at 2 resistance range from 10^4-10^6 & 10^6-10^9 Ω.


High antibacterial ability 

Not only has good anti-static ability but APT’s epoxy paint also has high antibacterial ability. It can achieve because epoxy resin component has a close bond to create smooth, hard, no circuit surface. Floors are easy to clean and against negative effects of oil and dirt.

Good wear and abrasion resistance

With a hard surface, the paint has very good wear ability. Minimize abrasion due to the movement and transportation of machines and materials in the factory.

Maintenance costs saving

The adhesion of APT's anti-static epoxy coating is up to 0.57 mg / cm2. Floors have an average lifespan of 5 - 7 years, saving repair and maintenance costs.

The best anti-static paint of APT

KERACOTE ESP300 is a good anti-static coating system in 2 resistance range from 10^4-10^6 & 10^6-10^9 Ω, is designed to protect concrete surface in electronic component factories.

•Meets EOS/ESD standard and NFPA 99A Guidelines.

•Maintain ESD properties throughout the thickness of the applied system.

•Good wear and abrasion resistance.

•General chemical resistance.

•Smooth glossy finish.

•Many colors to choose.

Why should buy anti-static paint product from APT?

APT is one of the leading companies in the field of anti-static paint production in Vietnam. When buying paint at APT Vietnam, customers will:

•Consulting enthusiastic, as well as assisting customers in finding reputable and quality construction units.

•Technical support during construction process.

•Production on demand with the best price from manufacturer.

For consulting and purchasing, investors, factories please contact APT Vietnam at phone number 0904 339 299! We are always ready to serve customers.