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With a team of experienced staff, APT Vietnam's products are gradually gaining market share and being selected by many investors and factories.

In construction, the construction units often use 3 lines of epoxy paints solvent-based, water-based and solvent-free. In particular, water-based epoxy floor paint product line, although available in the market for a long time, but through time of researching, improving and overcoming defects; APT Vietnam has perfected the product and introduced it to the market water-based epoxy floor paint instead of solvent-based epoxy with many outstanding features, providing high efficiency. Especially, this product line is also environmentally friendly, contributing to the protect environment and community health.


“As an investor, in application and construction consultancy, I often use APT's line of industrial floor paints, surface repairing materials, waterproofing and corrosion resistant materials.”, said Mr. Le Nhan, Director of a construction consultancy company based in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Talking about the product lines of APT Vietnam, Mr. Nhan shared: “Nowadays, there are many companies supplying construction chemical products, but I always choose APT Vietnam products, especially epoxy floor paint products. Recently, APT Vietnam has added a new line of water-based epoxy floor paint, after testing the product; I found that the product's quality is suitable with what I expected”.

With the strength of seniority, possessing a team of experienced staff, APT Vietnam is one of the leading companies in the specialized construction chemical manufacturing industry. The company's advantage is that it has its own manufacturing factory, a joint venture company between Vietnam and Thailand, so raw materials imported directly from Thailand and European countries contribute to the difference of product and brand. This helps the company's unique products such as industrial floor paints, corrosion resistant materials and surface repair materials, waterproof materials ... always outstanding and distinct in the market.


Therefore, company is certified for its quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008. In 2014, the company was awarded the certificate "Outstanding Brand for Consumers" and in the past year was certified "Gold quality credit rating".

Water-based epoxy products of APT Vietnam are being selected by investors, factories and agents. Products overcome limitations; increase the adhesion between the substrate surface and the color coating; increase durability and peeling resistance paint. The product is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, so it can be applied to the substrate in any project even in places requiring high hygiene and safety such as hospitals, laboratories.

In general, the industrial floor paint products manufactured and provided by the company are unique, ensuring high wear resistance, abrasion and chemical resistance, smooth and glossy surface, easy to clean, fast application. This helps the company's products always be selected by design consultants, investors and contractors to put into factories, main point projects not only in the country but also in the country but also step forward the world, affirming the class of its own brand.

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