EPOXY ဆေးရောင်ခြယ် - ထူးခြားကောင်းမွန်သောအစိုဓာတ်

Factories in wet and rainy climates area such as Vietnam often meet rainy and stormy weather. When it rains for a long time, we often see spongy phenomena. The first is the roof and then it can spread to the wall, floor, affecting the quality of the building. Especially, if there is no protection plan or early remediation, it will lead to the situation of moisture, dangerous to workers in the working process.

Nowadays, to avoid the bad phenomena mentioned above, using epoxy waterproofing paint is a very effective solution.

Epoxy paint with absolute waterproof ability is like a solid protective cover of concrete against all factors of moisture, absorbent like water or other solvents.

In addition, epoxy paint also has many other outstanding features such as:

  • High strength, strong adhesion to concrete
  • Diversified colors, creating gloss, smooth floor, increasing the aesthetics for the working space of factories
  • Chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Safe for human health and environmentally friendly

Choosing Epoxy paint to protect the floor is definitely the right decision!