epoxy သုတ်ဆေး၏ anti-static စွမ်းရည်အကြောင်းအချက်


The static electricity phenomenon is the main cause of the fires and explosions in factories, especially electronic components manufacturing factories, machines manufacturer. Despite causing dangerous accidents but it comes from very small reasons that many times we do not pay attention to such as the constant friction in the process of moving machinery and equipment in the factory; dry weather; electricity accumulate gradually in objects and equipment for a long time.

In order to minimize the risk of fire, explosion and avoid the "annoyance" with the phenomenon of "sticking" in the process of working we can have many different ways. Nowadays, the use of epoxy paint for industrial floors in factories is becoming more and more popular because of its absolute safety in anti-static. Epoxy paint has the following outstanding features:

Control and prevent static electricity on the floor surface after construction based on the principle of dispersion and elimination of charges.
Good wear and abrasion resistance; creates breathable membrane for concrete.
 The VOC content is low, so it is very environmentally friendly and safe for users.
 Smooth and glossy surface after construction, anti-slip, antibacterial and easy to clean.
 Diversified colors to choose.