Solvent-free coating paint နှင့် solvent-based coating သုတ်ဆေးများအကြားခြားနားချက်များ

What is solvent-free coating line?

Solvent-free is a two-component solvent-free coating system created from epoxy resins combined with chemical additives and especially do not use solvent.

What is solvent-based coating line?

Solvent-based is an organic solvent-based epoxy coating system. Current organic solvent paints often use binder based on natural or synthetic organic polymers.

The differences between solvent-free and solvent-based



·        Low solid content

·        100% solid content

·        Has solvent

·        Does not have solvent

·        Has a lot of odor

·        No odor

·        Medium durability

·        Higher durability

·        Medium adhesion and abrasion

·        Better adhesion and abrasion

·        Withstand medium load

·        Withstand larger load

·        Easy to apply

·        More difficult to apply


The most obvious difference between solvent-based and solvent-free is these two paint lines are completely different because of the different solid content. Solvent-based paint contains 80% solid content; solvent-free paint contains 100% solid content.

The higher the percentage of solid content, the higher the viscosity, the tighter the binding capacity in the molecule, leading to the high durability, adhesion and wear resistance of the coating surface.

Another difference is solvent-free coating paint has the ability to completely eliminate the problem that the surface of the floor paint is likely to be peeled by the adhesion when applying the layout areas.

If customers are looking for a high-strength and quality concrete floor protector, choose an epoxy coating with a high solids ratio or in other words use solvent-free coating system because this is the best choice for floor surface.