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Are you having trouble with chemical corrosion on concrete floor?

Reduce aesthetics, damage the concrete structure, difficult to clean be problems that factories encounter when concrete floors are corroded by chemical. Although using many cleaning methods, the floor cannot improve this situation. Therefore, many factories find solution to protect concrete floor with epoxy paint. But not all epoxy paint products are suitable for floor surface. Let APT helps you to find the best solution!

Things you don’t know about the benefits of KERASEAL ADO121 for warehouse floor

Using detergrents and cleaning regularly is the way many factories choose to clean their warehouses. But did you know that cleaning regularly still cannot prevent bacteria in this area, because cracks on the concrete floor are great hiding place for grease and dirt. Besides, the impact of forklifts also causes the surface to abrade over time. To overcome this situation, many factories choose epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO121 for surface protection.

What makes APT’s chemical resistant paint dominance?

APT’s chemical resistant paint is a product highly estimated by many investors not only in the domestic market but also in foreign market. The product creates advantages in the market with strengths such as:

Maintenance of APT epoxy floors after construction

Epoxy floor is one of the ideal choices for many factories, hospitals, trade centers, outdoor areas such as sport fields, competition floors… Besides durability and aesthetics, APT epoxy floors are also highly appeciated for their antibacterial and easy to clean. But in reality, if not clean in right way, the floor can easily blister, change color…

5 important notes when applying epoxy paint in humid weather

Temperature and humidity is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of surface in general and epoxy paint in particular. Especially, when the weather is humid, the humidity increases, the finish peels off, bringing many problems. But we cannot always apply paint under standard temperature and humidity conditions. Can epoxy paint be applied in humid weather?

Everything you should know about the causes of epoxy floor blistering after construction

Epoxy floor is considered the most optimal solution for factory floor. But in some cases, blistering appears on epoxy floor after construction. This brings trouble for factory during the processing process. So what is the cause of epoxy floor blistering after construction? How do you overcome? How to prevent this situation? Let’s find out with APT in the article below!

Everything you should know about why epoxy floor surface lose their gloss

Epoxy paint is becoming popular for many factories because of their high application in areas. However, in some cases, after application, epoxy floor lose their gloss. So what is the cause of this phenomenon? How do you overcome? How to prevent this phenomenon? Let’s find out with APT in this article below!

Do you know the outstanding advantages of APT’s heat resistant paint?

Nowadays, heat resistant paint is becoming more and more popular both in industrial and civil use. Because this product line is widely applied for surface exposed to sunlight. From customer’s demand about heat resistant problem, APT has researched and developed its own heat resistant paint called KERA COOL COAT. SO what is KERA COOL COAT? What advantages outstanding?

What impact does epoxy floor have for working space of factory?

In manufacturing factory, floor is an area that occupies a lot of space and affects the working space of factory. Therefore, the selection of paint product not only meets the demand of factory, but also helps to make working environment becomes better for workers. Epoxy floor paint is a product like that. So what impact does epoxy floor have for working space of factory? Let’s find out with APT in this article below!

Common colors of epoxy floor paint

Completely different from polished concrete floor, epoxy floor brings high aesthetics with attractive colors. But not everyone can understand all the advantages, disadvantages and uses of color on the surface.